Introduction to Computer Science

In language, clarity is everything
K'ung Fu-Tze

This course will help students examine computer science concepts. Students will outline stages in software development, define standard control and data structures, identify on and off-line resources, explain the function of basic computer components, and develop problem solving skills. Students will use Python to write programs. In addition, students will be introduced to HTML.

Learning Goals

Unit 1 - Introduction to HTML

  1. Familiarize with HTML syntax
  2. Understand the concept of elements in HTML
  3. Familiarize with the concept of file management
  4. Write HTML documents

Unit 2 - Introduction to the Python Programming Language

  1. Familiarize with the Python IDE
  2. Familiarize with the Python syntax
  3. Understand the concepts of variables and expressions
  4. Familiarize with the concept of sequential programming
  5. Write programs using variables

Unit 3 - Selection

  1. Understand the concept of Boolean expressions
  2. Familiarize with selection statements syntax
  3. Understand the concept of nested selection statements
  4. Write programs using selection statements

Unit 4 - Loops

  1. Understand the concept of iteration
  2. Familiarize with for/loop statements
  3. Familiarize with while/loop statements
  4. Understand the concepts of counters and accumulators
  5. Understand the concept of nested loops
  6. Write programs using loops