html :: final cpt

In this assignment you will use all the knowledge you gained from this course to design the ultimate web page. The theme for this website is music. You are to design a web page for a music artist or music group of your choice. You must use all HTML learned to date. Use folders to organize your files. Submit a final folder with your last name. Your assignment must be divided into the following sections/pages:
  1. Index Page
  2. Biography Page
    1. Write all the history of your artist from past to present
    2. List all the awards and achievements in chronological order
  3. Discography
    1. List all the CD’s and singles released by your artist
    2. List the CD’s in chronological order (order of release date)
    3. List all the tracks on the CD and an image of the CD cover
  4. Lyrics Zone
    1. Design a page where a viewer can download or ‘Cut’ and ‘Paste’ the lyrics of some songs (optional)
    2. At least four sample song lyrics must be present
    3. Make sure the lyrics are respectful and WITHOUT any foul/offensive language
  5. Photo Gallery
    1. Design a page where a viewer can download photos of the artist
    2. A maximum of 15 photos should be used
    3. Remember that too many photos on one page can slow down your page
  6. Creative pages
    1. Add pages that you feel would add to your theme
Due date: Week of November 2-6, 2020.

Remember to first save ALL your work in your personal network drive and flash drive.
NO excuses for lost/deleted assignments.
You must always have triple copies of relevant files.
This assignment is your final examination, as such, no extensions.
To view rubirc click here