rules and expectations

  1. Students are expected to be on time and in uniform
  2. Students will be silent during the anthem and prayer
  3. Students will treat school equipment as if it were their own
  4. Students are not allowed to eat or drink in class
  5. Students are expected to remain on task for the duration of the period
  6. Any breach of these rules will result in a loss of computer access privileges
  7. This rules and the rubrics will trump anything said by the teacher in class
Class Work
  1. Your final exam review starts the first day of class! (not applicable this year)
  2. All units are related, ignoring/bypassing one of them would be a great mistake
  3. Students are responsible for any missed work
  1. Students are expected to go over the rubrics before submissions
  2. Assignments are to be coded by each individual student, no code is to be shared
  3. All assignments are due 2 days after it is given out to the class (not including week-ends)
  4. Students may submit assignments up to 2 days after the due date
  5. During this 2 day period, assignments are penalized with a 10% late penalty
  6. After the 2 day grace period, a mark of zero [0] will be given
  7. An absence is NOT an extension
  1. Students are expected to be present for all tests, unless absent or at a school activity
  2. If a student signs in after or signs out before a test a mark of zero [0] will be given
  3. Keep all of your tests and assignments
  4. Test and assignments will be hole-punched when returned
  1. All assignments will use the following naming conventions:
    • This applies to the HTML unit only:
      if submitting a single .html file, that file will have the student's last name. If submitting multiple files, place all files in a folder with your last name, as in: Romero. The "home" page for assignments submitted in a folder are named "index". Place all other files in their appropriate folder.
    • This applies to naming Python files:
      XXXXCPT#, where the X's represent the first four letters of the student's last name with only the first letter is capitalized, followed by the acronym CPT and the assignment number, as in: RomeCPT1. Any deviations will result in a loss of Communication marks.
Please review these rules and expectations regularly