introduction to java:: cpt unit 1

Thunder Network Systems Inc. needs a program that would process the company's payroll. Your company has been awarded the contract to design it. Following several meetings with the Human Resources and Payroll managers of Dolphin, your programmers were a given an overview of the payroll process. Each employee gets paid once a week (weekly). The gross pay is determined by the number of hours worked by employees per week times their hourly pay rate. The federal and provincial governments require that Dolphin withhold taxes, each at a different rate.
The program is to input the employee's name, hours worked and pay rate and then compute and display all the values found in the table below. Since the company must remit the federal and provincial taxes withheld to the respective governments, the program must display the total of (both) taxes withheld. In addition, so that the auditors may audit the payroll records, the total gross and net pay (gross pay - taxes) paid out must also be displayed.
Before the program begins working on the employee sheets, you may hardcode the federal and provincial taxes' rates.
For submission of your assignment, run the program using 4 employees, a federal taxation rate of 17%, a provincial taxation rate of 14% and the following time sheet data (employee name, hours and pay rate). You will submit a soft copy of this assignment. Do not worry if the output is not always displayed in perfect columns.

You MUST name the class using the following convention: XxxxCPT1, where the x's are the first four letters of your last name. This convention will be used for all subsequent submissions.

Sample Output:

Employee Name Hours Pay rate Gross Pay Tax Deduction Net Pay
Messi 35 25 875 271 604
Ronaldo 40 15 600 186 414
Rooney 10 10 100 31 69
Zidane 20 12.75 255 79.05 175.95
Total Gross Total Taxes Total Net
1830 567.30 1262.70

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