Wednesday April 5

  1. Programmers:
    1. Please read carefully:
      1. The following students must submit their CPT to avoid a late penalty: Gabriel, Keesha, Ellen and Cindy.
      2. The email address is:
      3. Submit your code as a .java and .txt file (2 files just in case)
      4. If your email username does not match your name, include you real name in the email. However, the class name should give that away
    2. We are starting with Methods today. Go to the Methods page and open the first link: "Tutorial". Proceed until you reach the first exercise, "My Bonnie".
    3. Test Friday (on Loops only)
  2. Designers:
    1. The Alphabet assignment is due this coming Friday. On Monday April 10 you will be tested on HTML (Unit 2 test).