LED Assignment

  1. Description
    • Wire breadboard as in images provided. Copy and interface code
  2. Requirements
    1. The first part of the assignment will consist in having the lights turn on (as in the images). This will grant you a maximum Level 2 in the Thinking category
    2. The second part of the assignemnt will consist on turning 4 lights on in a given sequence for a given number of times (loops). A condition can be added to turn the lights on as well (selection)
  1. To receive a Level 4, the lights must turn on following a specific sequence (given by the teacher), for a specified number of times (the condition as to when the lights turn on will depend on the class)
  2. A Level 3 will be awarded to a board where the lights turn on in any given sequence for any number of times
  3. A Level 2 is awarded if the lights turn on only