Track and Field & Cross Country

If during the workouts you feel any type of discomfort: STOP IMMEDIATELY

  1. Runs
    1. 3 long runs per week (every other day)
    2. Select a safe place or run with a friend
    3. Soft surface preferred (grass)
    4. REST in between running days, do not run everyday
    5. Run at a slow pace
    6. Run before 10 am or after 7 pm
    7. Drink plenty of water before, during and after run
    8. Eat well (keep refined sugar to a minimum)
    9. Goal is about 40-50 min. of continuous running by the end of summer
    10. The starting distance/time will vary among runners
    11. If you need to start small (short distance and/or time), you could:
      1. break run into 3 or 4 running periods with short breaks (5-10 min.) in between
      2. then, increase one running period or decrease a walk period each week
      3. or, decrease a rest period each week
      4. eliminate a walk period after 3 or 4 weeks
      5. hopefully you will reach your goal by the end of the summer
      6. volume and time are more important than speed
    12. Stretch well after each run

  2. Weight training (to be done in days between runs)
    1. Exercise major muscle groups only
    2. Universal machine is good enough
    3. If doing free weights, work with a spotter
    4. If last set can't be done comfortably, then you are using too much weight
    5. Four [4] upper body exercises :: 3 sets of 8 reps each
      1. Bench press
      2. Lats pulldowns
      3. Military press
      4. Upward rowing
    6. Four [4] lower body exercises :: 3 sets of 20 reps each
      1. Leg extensions
      2. Leg presses
      3. Calf raises
      4. Leg presses
    7. Core (abdominals) - 1 set to failure

  3. Rest
    1. Do not run everyday
    2. At least one day off a week (do nothing)
    3. Two days off every other week
    4. Your week would look like this: R/W/R/W/R/W/OFF

"to give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift" - Steve Prefontaine

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